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If you use any of our tools in developing a model that is used in a publication, please cite the following references following the criteria below:

All work that uses models developed in BioNetGen language should cite
J. R. Faeder, M. L. Blinov, and W. S. Hlavacek (2009) “Rule-based modeling of biochemical systems with BioNetGen,” Methods Mol. Biol., 500, 113–67.
In addition, if the RuleBender interface was used in development, please cite
A. M. Smith, W. Xu, Y. Sun, J. R. Faeder, and G. E. Marai (2012) “RuleBender: integrated modeling, simulation and visualization for rule-based intracellular biochemistry,” BMC Bioinformatics, 13(Suppl. 8), S3 (16 pages).
In addition, if NFsim was used to perform simulations of the model please cite
M. W. Sneddon, J. R. Faeder, and T. Emonet (2011) “Efficient modeling, simulation and coarse-graining of biological complexity with NFsim,” Nat. Methods, 8, 177-183.
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